NuMIND is a Millennium Nucleus housed at the Universidad de Valparaiso and Universidad Andres Bello. Our main scientific goal is to understand how different neuromodulators regulate neuronal systems to generate behavior. In particular, we want to understand the mechanisms governing modulation of synaptic function in various neuronal circuits implicated in mood and anxiety disorders. Our group is composed of young researchers with complementary expertise in different aspects of brain function, including synaptic physiology, synaptic plasticity, genetics, neuropharmacology and molecular biology.

Research Areas:
To address our main scientific question, we focus in:
1) Deciphering the mechanisms governing neuromodulation of synaptic function in various neuronal circuits
2) Evaluating the functional aspect of this modulation in different models of mood and anxiety disorders.


Andrés E. Chávez (UV)
Director Synaptic physiology

Pablo R. Moya (UV)
Deputy Director Psychiatric genetics

Gloria Arriagada (UNAB)
Principal Investigator Molecular Biology

Marco Fuenzalida (UV)
Principal Investigator Synaptic Plasticity

Romulo Fuentes (Uchile)
Associate Investigator Brain Physiology