Postdoctoral Positions

IMG_6621The Millennium Nucleus for Biology of Neuropsychiatric Disorders nuMIND offers two postdoctoral positions to conduct research on the role of neuromodulatory systems in synaptic function, brain activity dynamics, and behavior.

A 2-year post-doctoral fellowship is available starting March 2016 to study the molecular and cellular mechanisms of neuromodulation of network physiology and plasticity by combining molecular biology, electrophysiology and genetic tools on mouse brain slices and in vivo animal models. This is a team collaboration project in which the candidate will work in an interdisciplinary environment and use the newly acquired and state-of-the-art in vivo knockdown strategies, optogenetic and multielectrode array that allows simultaneous recording from maximum 120 electrodes with an integrated data acquisition system. The research group is located in the neighboring coastal cities of Valparaiso and Viña del Mar, at Universidad de Valparaiso and Universidad Andres Bello, respectively, bringing together high-profile research teams with complementary areas of expertise and with a common interest in understanding how our work brain work in health and disease.

We are seeking highly motivated candidates with strong background in brain electrophysiology and molecular biology tools. Candidates must have less than 2 years of research experience after their PhD. We offer expertise in mouse genetics, brain electrophysiology, molecular and cellular neurobiology and encourage developing an independent research project.

Interested candidates should send their CV including a list of publications, a brief description of past and current achievements including technical expertise and scientific interests, and contact information of three references able to recommend their research work to both Andrés Chávez

( and Pablo Moya (

Postdoctoral Positions