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The Millennium Nucleus nuMIND in collaboration with CINV, is proud to announce the International Symposium “Biology of Neuropsychiatric Disorders” that will bring together world class neurobiologists, covering different subjects of neuroscience including synaptic physiology, genetics, and brain science. The symposium will take place at the Naval Museum in Valparaíso, Chile on April 27th-29th , 2016.

The meeting will cover three topics: Behavioral Genetics, Synaptic Integration & Neuromodulation, and Brain Circuits & Disease. Two poster sessions will be held to increase networking among graduate students. This meeting is free with limited space. Graduate students from Chile and Latin America region are encouraged to apply for travel support.

Deadline for Abstract and poster submission: March 25, 2016. Acceptance and travel support awardees will be notified by March 30th.

We hope that you will be able to attend and contribute to the success of the meeting. We look forward to see you in Valparaiso next April.


Day 1, April 27th

8:30‐9:30 Registration at Naval and Maritime Museum auditorium.

9:30‐10:00 Opening and welcome, Dr. Andrés Chávez.

Theme 1: Behavioral Genetics (Chair: Pablo Moya)

10:00‐10:40 “The role of serotonin in regular and compulsive cocaine self-administration”, Dr. Judith Homberg, Radboud University, Netherlands.

10:40‐11:00 Coffee Break

11:00‐11:40 “Glutamate alterations in Obsessive‐Compulsive Disorder”, Dr. Pablo Moya, University of Valparaíso, Chile.

11:40‐12:20 “Genetic moderation of fear extinction”, Dr. Andrew Holmes, National Institutes of Health, USA.

12:20‐14:00 Lunch Break

Theme 2: Synaptic Integration and neuromodulation (Chair: Andrés Chávez)

14:00-14:40 “Astrocyte-Neuron signaling boosted by optical tools”, Dr. Gertrudis Perea, Cajal Institute, Spain.

14:40-15:20 “Neuromodulation of synaptic strength in the dentate gyrus”, Dr. Andrés Chávez, University of Valparaíso, Chile.

15:20-15:40 Coffee Break

15:40-16:20 Data blitz

15:40-15:50 “Event related potentials (ERPs) during free viewing of images with Increasing semantic complexity in subjects affected with schizophrenia”, Jose Ignacio Egaña, Universidad de Chile.

15:50-16:00 “Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 alters functional distribution of AMPA receptor and neuronal plasticity associated protein Arc during neuronal infection”. Francisca Acuña-Hinrichsen, Universidad Austral de Chile.

16:10-16:20 “Medial orbitofrontal cortex lesion prevents facilitatory effects of d-cycloserine during fear extinction”. Rodrigo Sierra Ordoñez, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

16:20-17:20 “Presynaptic protein synthesis and activity-dependent synaptic plasticity”, Dr. Pablo Castillo, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA.

17:20-18:40 Poster Session I

Day 2, April 28th

9:30-10:10 “Pain and temperature in one package” Dr. Ramón Latorre, CINV, Chile.

Theme 3: Brain Circuits and Disease (Chair: Marco Fuenzalida)

10:10-10:50 “NMDAR activity specifically regulates dendritic inhibition”, Dr. Chiayu Chiu, Yale University, USA.

10:50-11:10 Coffee Break

11:10-11:50 “GABAergic modulation of cortical activity”, Dr. Marco Fuenzalida, University of Valparaíso, Chile.

11:50-12:30 “Electrical neuromodulation in Parkinson” Dr. Rómulo Fuentes, University of Chile.

12:30-14:20 Lunch Break

14:20-15:00 “Wnt signaling and Alzheimer ́s disease”, Dr. Nibaldo Inestrosa, P. Catholic University of Chile.

15:00-15:40 “The Circuitry of Dopamine System Regulation and its Disruption in Schizophrenia and Depression”, Dr. Anthony Grace, Pittsburg University, USA

15:40-16:00 Closing remarks, Dr. Pablo Moya

16:00-17:30 Posters Session II / Farewell Cocktail

confirmed speakers

poster session

We strongly encourage all the participants to share their scientific work with their peers and invited faculties during the poster session that will be held during a social on April 28th. At least, 5 posters will be selected for brief oral presentations on April 27th.

Guidelines for Abstract submission (Poster Session):

-Abstract must be in English and contain:
-Complete author list
-Institutional affiliation
-Main text (2500 characters with spaces)
-References (optional)
-Deadline for abstract submission March 25, 2016

-Acceptance and travel support awardees will be notified by March 30th



Registration is free with limited spaces.

Required Information
a)Your CV 
b) a brief  letter from your Thesis/Research Advisor or Institution Officer indicating your status (i.e. graduate student, postdoc, etc).



Travel support from IBRO-LARC will be available for graduate students of Latin America.


Application and abstract deadline March 25
Acceptance and travel support awardees will be notified by March 30th

In addition to abstract submission, You must register for the symposium


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